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Why does blockchain.info not agree with my bitcoin-qt wallet that has only one address?

So my issue is that Blockchain shows a different amount than my qt wallet that has only one address in it. I am up to date on all the blocks. However there is one transaction on the blockchain.info website that I never sent from my address and it does not show up in my wallet. https://blockchain.info/tx/8fa52306101c4605aa8689767ad20c0ef35aa71dbd913e08224e1a095b576af1 How is that possible? Also the address the 1btc was sent to is 15GoDKid4X25yLEErS4b6gPQeqfcJVRJLa
The address has "GoD Kid" ... coincidence or hacker?
How do I know how much I have at this address? Do I look at my personal wallet or the blockchain? and keep in mind I only have one address in my wallet. I want my 1 btc back...lol
Edit: Issue was resolved (coins are safe) but it is still unknown why I was not able to retrieve the private key from my most up to date wallet, but was able to get it from a backup.
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Giving a tech talk about Bitcoin to my company

So the internet company I just started working for has occasional hour long tech talks and a slot opened up this week. I offered to give a talk about Bitcoin. There's a lot of interest already, partly because I'm new and partly because btc is so hot right now.
Reddit, I would like your help with making this awesome. Below are my scribbly notes of the high points I'd like to hit. ANything I am missing? Since it is only an hour I cannot go into too much detail (and I am far from an expert in the protocol, but the best way to learn something is to teach it!)
I was going to call it:
Bitcoin: VIRES IN NUMERIS - in numbers we trust
Show the vimeo video: http://vimeo.com/63502573
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Please explain how to play satoshidice like I am 5.

I have bitcoin-qt, and a small amount of coin sent to me by a friend. Now can someone please provide my simple a mind a step by step process of using satoshidice? Please and thank you.
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I want to consolidate my tiny amount of BTC and need some advice.

Back in the day when the Bitcoin crashed, I thought it was all over so I went ahead and used it all on SatoshiDice. I see that was a huge mistake as it is no longer worth mining without specialized hardware and Bitcoins are trading at a record high. I would like to consolidate my now pauper sum of 0.00225552 onto paper form using the bitaddress.org paper wallet, but my Bitcoin client is Bitcoin-QT and it refuses to transfer the sum to an address without a fee of 0.01 BTC. What can I do?
Edit for more information: When I splurged on SatoshiDice my wallet became fragmented with addresses so I have about a dozen addresses that makes up the total 0.00225552 BTC wallet. I can't figure out a way to consolidate the total sum to one address in order to send it to a Paper Wallet.
Edit2: Managed to import all my addresses into BlockChain.info but I can't send it anywhere as I am getting an error of "Insufficient funds. Value Needed 0.00325552 BTC. Available amount 0.00225552 BTC". Even though I put the Miners Fee to Zero it still wants a cut.
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If bitcoins became a real player in the world currency, wouldn't the blockchains be ridiculously large?

I am trying to decide which is better for me, electrum vs. armory. With my limited knowledge, it appears that armory requires a local blockchain vs. electrum, which uses blockchain.info's servers. Satoshidice doesn't really help that much either.
If in, say, 5 years.. the blockchain has grown astronomically... wouldn't it be a pain to maintain a local blockchain? If i reformat my computer, for example, it would likely take days to fully re-download and re-verify. If my bitcoin QT client goes down, how would I go about recovering my coins? and if electrum's blockchain went down, how would i go about recovering my coins?
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Block size: the matter between purchasing power, and microtransactions in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is no good for handling microtransactions, due to all transactions are stored in mined blocks. However if the price is continue rising at the current rate, and Bitcoin is accepted by more businesses, then we could see there will be more and more microtransactions due the purchasing power per unit Bitcoin is increasing.
Lots of microtransactions can be a problem. It becomes noticeable when guys on the bitcointalk with lots of microtransactions from SatoshiDICE or other faucet sites wants to send them into one address and to reduce transaction fees. They end up to pay more transaction fees than the sum of those dust values.
I am not talking about the transaction fee. The fee may be required to store a transaction into a block in order to prevent DDOS attacks to the network, and i have no doubt of that. The matter is the block size. And I suppose the developers already notice the size issue when the block size is enlarged in bitcoin-qt 0.8. This is a good sign.
I think the true value of Bitcoin can be higher, but there are still more works to be done to the protocol and to economic environment of Bitcoin. I hope everything about Bitcoin should be ready before it can be showed to the rest of people on the earth.
(I am a non-English speaking user, and this is just my own opinions)
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Bitcoinupdate - the German podcast has a new episode!

Andreas+Andreas bringen euch das Bitcoinupdate 35 - mit persönlichen Erlebnissen und den News der Woche.
Wir freuen uns über deine Meinung unter feedback -a- bitcoiupdate.com Wenn ihr automatisch über neue Folgen Bescheid bekommen wollt abonniert unseren RSS feed.
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